Bow and Hunting Quivers

WHAT IS A QUIVER? A quiver is simply something that holds arrows. A quiver can be just a simple shoulder-slung pouch or a complicated bow-mounted contraption with brackets and mechanical gizmos. For use on the modern compound bow, they tend to the be the contraption/gizmo style and hold 3-6 ICS-style arrows. A typical bow mounted quiver attaches to the bow by affixing a small bracket to the bow (usually via two screws which attach at the sight plate). The body of the quiver then clips in and out of the bracket, allowing the quiver to easily attach and detach from the bow. This type of quiver is commonly called the “one piece” quiver and they are universal fit accessories. Pretty much – any bow with a standard sight can accept any standard one-piece quiver. So there’s no need to match up brands or models. On the other hand, some quivers mount directly to the bow’s riser (frame/handle) and feature separate upper and lower assemblies. This type of quiver is commonly called the “two piece” quiver, and it tends to require hardware specific to the brand & model of bow. These are available via special order and are not listed on our site. Please call 877.410.7811 if you would like to discuss a brand-specific two-piece quiver to fit your bow.

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