About Us

Principal Contact:  Dana Worster, Jr.  
email: dana@huntersfriend.eu

Main Shop Location & Warehouse:
Hunter’s Friend Europe / Uittokalusto Oy

+358 15 555 0402 / Customer service
+358 45 208 6292 / Dana

Taitajantie 2
57210 Savonlinna, Finland

Mon–Fri 8.00 – 16.00 (CET +1 hour)

Hunter’s Friend LLC was established in 1999 in Kentucky, USA and quickly grew into one of America’s largest stand-alone Archery Pro-shops.  They have served bowhunters and archery enthusiasts in every state, and in most countries around the world.

Hunter’s Friend Europe Oy was established in 2010 and is a company based in bow-hunting-crazy Finland. The key staff of HFE, together, have over 60 years experience in the bow business and lifetimes of experience hunting in the forests of Europe and North America.  We were specially chosen by Hunter’s Friend USA to bring the Hunter’s Friend concept to Europe and to service the specific needs of its European bowhunting customers. Hunter’s Friend Europe (HFE) is now an independent company closely aligned with Hunter’s Friend LLC.

Hunter’s Friend Europe is now owned by Uittokalusto Oy with most of the same staff still on the job. The acquisition of HFE by Uittokalusto brings us to the next level in purchasing, logistics, and customer service. All the while keeping that real archery pro-shop experience.

We continue to follow the same basic concept and that is a simple one:  Archery consumers shouldn’t have to choose between getting good service and getting a fair price. Nor should Europeans have to go all the way across the ocean just to get a better deal.  Archery consumers have traditionally had two choices: pay big money to buy from a local pro-shop where you can get technical service, or try to save money buying from a discount mail order store which leaves you “on your own” regarding setup and tuning.  It’s our belief that bowhunters and archery enthusiasts shouldn’t have to choose one or the other.  You should be able to get good technical service and a fair price. That is our goal.

So we’ve worked hard to bridge the gap between the local and mail-order concepts.  We don’t sell bows like most internet and mail-order archery suppliers.  Less than 5% of the bows we sell via our web pages are “bare bows”.  The other 95% are “Ready-to-Hunt” bows which we first setup and service in our pro-shop.  And thanks to our custom setup and measurement methodology, we’ve largely dispelled the myth that you have to physically walk-in to a store to ensure your archery equipment is fitted and setup properly.  Hunter’s Friend USA has outfitted thousands of bowhunters in Europe via the Ready-to-Hunt program from America, and since 2010 Hunter’s Friend Europe has been doing it from inside the EU at the same level of success.  We’d love a chance to prove to you that now that we are in Europe, we can do an even better job by providing accessible customer service along with our top quality products and reasonable prices.

Today, we are already one of the busiest archery pro-shops in all of Europe and we’re proud to be the trusted partner of Hunter’s Friend USA.  So over the past years, our pro-shop has become a busy place and we will be opening new locations around Europe in due time to keep those standards up.

Thank You!

While we never dreamed our single pro-shop could be so successful and turned into what it has today, we are sincerely thankful to all of the bowhunters who have taken a chance on Hunter’s Friend – and for the many loyal and repeat customers who buy their new compound bows from Hunter’s Friend in America and in Europe.

Our website is only in a few languages at this moment.  We are working hard to add more language possibilities to our web site. Please hang in there.

Hunter’s Friend Europe Oy is a member of the Archery Trade Association (ATA).