Broadheads and Tips

WHAT IS A BROADHEAD? A broadhead is basically a flying razor blade. This is the business-end of the hunting arrow. Broadheads are designed to cause death by hemorrhage and exsanguination. A good broadhead flies straight, penetrates the target deeply and slices through soft tissue like butter. We know it sounds gruesome, but the more brutally effective a broadhead is, the more ethical the game harvest it yields. A perfectly placed shot with a high quality broadhead can bring big game down in mere seconds. So when it’s time to unscrew the practice tips and load the real ammunition, you want the best broadhead you can get your hands on. Speaking of “hands on”, be advised that broadhead blades are sharp. Be very careful when handling broadheads. They will easily slice through clothing, fingertips, YOUR BOW STRING, etc. If you even touch your razor sharp broadhead blade to your high-tension bow string, it’s all over.