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Lead Times on Ready-to-Hunt Bow Packages

We don't sell bows like most internet and mail-order archery suppliers.  Less than 5% of the bows we sell are "bare bows".  The other 95% are "Ready-to-Hunt" bows which we first setup and service in our pro-shop.  For the 5% of our bow customers who just want what's "in the box", orders can be shipped within just 1-2 business days (sometimes even the same day).  But preparing and testing a Ready-to-Hunt Bow Package and custom-made arrows simply takes a little more time. 

Of course, it is our goal to prepare and ship your new Ready-to-Hunt Bow Package to you as quickly as possible.  For a typical bow package order, you can expect your bow to be finished and shipped within 1-5 working days.  However, not every bow order is "typical".  On occasion, we encounter manufacturing delays, periods of heavy volume, and the need to special-order some bows or accessories, all of which can cause delays in our delivery schedules.

Our hand-assembly and setup process is rather labor-intensive.  Each bow is setup with a full compliment of accessories, each bow is completely adjusted, paper-tuned, performance (group tuned), chronographed, pre-sighted, written-up, and inspected before leaving our facility.  We also build custom arrows, by hand, for every bow package we setup.  As you can imagine, this process takes several hours for a technician to complete.  And while we understand that everyone is anxious to get their new bow and begin shooting right away, we will not rush our Ready-to-Hunt Bow Package orders and risk delivering "rush-quality" workmanship.  Every Ready-to-Hunt Bow we sell, from the most basic setup, to our
€1000+ high-performance rigs, get the same full setup services and accompanying documentation.  So please allow us the time to complete our work correctly.


Like many retailers, we must rely on our manufacturers to keep our store re-supplied throughout the season.  Unfortunately, occasional manufacturing delays are unavoidable in the archery industry.  From time to time, a particular model bow, or a certain arrow rest, or a popular make & size of arrow shaft may be backordered or unavailable from the manufacturer.  Short backorders aren't a problem.  But if the manufacturer delay is lengthy, we may simply sell-out of that particular item before more arrive to replenish it.  Of course, this creates a delay in our process at the store-level.  If we expect this type of delay with your order, we will notify you of the circumstances and work with you to find some reasonable alternatives (different brand of quiver, another brand of arrow, etc.) to minimize the delay.


Most of our bow packages include at least some accessories which are also standard on several different bow packages, like TruGlo Sights and Trufire Releases, for example.  When possible, we buy these parts as bulk (OEM) components, so we always have plenty on-hand for assembly of our Ready-to-Hunt Bow Packages.  Buying these popular parts as bulk-stock also allows us to offer a more competitive price on our complete packages.  However, a few of our Ready-to-Hunt customers request specific (custom) accessories which we may or may not have on hand.  If you select custom non-stock components, those items may need to be ordered first.  Depending on the specific item, this may cause a delay in the completion of your order.  If you call to order a custom package with significant changes, please inquire about any wait times for your custom components to arrive here in the shop.

Depending on the time of year, we maintain a ready-stock of 50-100 bows here in the pro-shop.  We make every effort to keep all popular models and sizes in-stock and ready for immediate setup.  And this is fairly easy to do for some bow models.  For example, there are only 6 different configurations of our popular Bowtech Assassin bow (RH/50, RH/60, RH/70, LH/50, LH/60, & LH/70).  So we're likely to always have at least a few of the most popular size Assassin here and ready for immediate setup.  Unfortunately, some bows are more of a logistical challenge to keep in-stock.  So on some occasions, we may simply have to order a bow in your specific size and preferred configuration and wait for the factory to build that bow for you.  If we don't have your particular bow in-stock, we will work to get it here as quickly as possible.  But please realize that in spite of our best efforts, it simply isn't possible to stock one of every bow, in every size, at all times.

While archery enthusiasts purchase archery equipment year-round, the months preceding the start of bowhunting season (July-September) are the "busy season" in the archery industry.  It's not uncommon for our store to receive July-September orders which are triple the order-volume we see in other months.  So during some brief periods, we simply cannot setup our Ready-to-Hunt Bows fast enough to outpace the incoming orders.  During these periods of heavy volume, we post our shop status and the expected delay times at the top of this page.  If you are purchasing new gear for an upcoming hunt, where timing is critical, we strongly suggest you order your gear as soon as possible.  This will allow us ample time to prepare your gear, and it gives you more (practice) time to get acclimated to shooting a new rig.


Again, it is our goal to prepare and ship your new Ready-to-Hunt Bow Package to you as quickly as possible.  In spite of the challenges, we largely succeed in maintaining our posted schedules, and the majority of our Ready-to-Hunt Bow Packages are finished and shipped within a few working days.  But we respectfully ask for your patience, and that you allow us the time we need to prepare your new Ready-to-Hunt Bow Package right the first time.  When you consider that the average bowhunter keeps a new bow for 7-10 years, allowing a few extra days to get the right equipment and the right setup is surely a wise choice in the long-run.