Obsession Fixation 6M/7M Compound Bow Package

Obsession Fixation 6M/7M Compound Bow Package

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Fixation 6M: 354 fps, 32-1/4" ata, 6" bh, 50-70# dw, 26.5-30" dl, 4.5 lb bow weight, 80% let off  

Fixation 7M: 344 fps, 32-1/4" ata, 7" bh, 50-70# dw, 24.5-30.5" dl, 4.5 lb bow weight, 80% let off

COOL AND NONCHALANT: The hardest part of selling Obsession Bows is trying not gush over them in front of our customers. We are bowhunters, and we are supposed to be cool and relaxed about equipment, but a bow like the new Fixation makes us want to yell to the whole world. The Fixation deserves to be showered with every superlative and buzz-word from our industry, yet it's almost unnecessary to rattle on about how fast, and quiet, and accurate, and smooth, and balanced, and shock-free, etc. this bow is. The Fixation is the best eaxmple of the high-end compound bow market. Whatever you expect from a high-end bow, the Obsession Fixation will exceed those expectations ... it just will.

FORGET THE OBVIOUS: Forget for a moment that the Fixation is crazy-good-looking. We know it looks incredible; everyone can see that. Forget for a moment that the bow has an incredible 354 fps IBO speed; all Obsession bows are fast - everyone knows that. Forget that it comes with every imaginable technology, innovation and premium accoutrement. We can all see this is top-of-the-line equipment just by looking at it. That's not why you'll be impressed. What will really impress you are the things that are missing. Forgive the minor gush, but there is virtually no feedback from this bow (noise, kick, shock, vibration, etc.). It's amazing. You have to shoot this bow to truly understand why it's the best of the best.

THIS IS THE ONE: The Fixation is not another twitchy high-tension speed bow. Despite the brutal speed and menacing appearance, this Fixation is perhaps the most refined bow we've ever tested. If you want to hear us talk your ear off about it, please give us a call. But here on the web, we're going to try to remain cool and relaxed. The point to remember ... if you're shopping for a top-tier compound hunting bow, we think you should look no further. You simply can't buy anything better than the Obsession Fixation.

  Speed: Up to 346 FPS

Cams: NEW obsession DE

Let-Off: 80%

Length ATA: 32 1/4”

Draw Length: Adjustable - see above

Brace Height: 6" or 7" available

Draw Weights: 40, 50, 60, 65, 70

Overall Weight: 4.1 lbs

Hardware: Anti-Rust Coated

We order monthly from the factory so you can customize your Obsession bow in the following color combinations:

Standard camo Options:

Kryptek Highlander, Kryptek Typhoon, RealTree Xtra Green, Black, MoonshineMuddy Girl


Custom Shop Additional Charge :

Mossy Oak Break Up- Country, Last Leaf Ghost, Last Leaf Smoke, Last Leaf Apocalypse, Last Leaf Redemption, Last Leaf Late Season, Predator 3D Deception, Realtree Max 5, Realtree AP Snow


Target Colors Additional Charge :

Fusion Green, Fusion Orange, Fusion Blue, Fusion Purple, Fusion RED, Fusion White, Flo Green, Nickel Powder, Chrome Powder


Standard String Colors

Speckle White and Tan for Camo Bows,

Red and Black for Black Bows and Typhon Bows

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