Obsession DefCon M6Z - Bow only

Obsession DefCon M6Z - Bow only

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The DEF-CON M6Z will surely turn heads at your hunting camp as well as on the 3D Range. Without a doubt it’s a true killing machine, Smooth Draw, Fast, and Vibration free. The all new DEF-CON M6Z equipped with the DEF-CON Z Cam means more performance than ever before and ultra-smooth. Target shooters also love this Bow, when it comes to forgiveness


The DEF-CON M6Z is the perfect all around 3D Bow.

DEF-CON Z Cams are equipped with our advanced 2017 PerFx System Patent pending with interchangeable ½ inch increments draw length mods. All screws and hardware have anti-rust coating.

Speed: Up to 356 FPS

Cams: NEW obsession DE

Let-Off: 80%

Length ATA: 32 1/4”

Draw Length: Adjustable 26.5”-30”

Brace Height: 6”

Draw Weights: 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 80

Overall Weight: 4.1 lbs

Hardware: Anti-Rust Coated

We order monthly from the factory so you can customize your Obsession bow in the following color combinations:

Standard camo Options:

Kryptek Highlander, Kryptek Typhoon, RealTree Xtra Green, Black, Moonshine Muddy Girl


Custom Shop Additional Charge :

Mossy Oak Break Up- Country, Last Leaf Ghost, Last Leaf Smoke, Last Leaf Apocalypse, Last Leaf Redemption, Last Leaf Late Season, Predator 3D Deception, Realtree Max 5, Realtree AP Snow


Target Colors Additional Charge :

Fusion Green, Fusion Orange, Fusion Blue, Fusion Purple, Fusion RED, Fusion White, Flo Green, Nickel Powder, Chrome Powder


Standard String Colors

Speckle White and Tan for Camo Bows,

Red and Black for Black Bows and Typhon Bows

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