Bow Buyer's Guide

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In this expansive online guide, we going to tell it straight - the good, bad and the ugly. In this guide you will find no marketing gibberish, no gushes of brand loyalty, no sales pitches, no propagation of industry buzz phrases or silly acronyms. If you want to buy a new bow but you are having trouble navigating all the bull and hyperbole, this is the big read for you. We'll explain what really matters and what doesn't. Are you ready to hear the truth? Want it right between the eyes? Sit back and get comfortable. Here it comes!


If bow specifications seem like techno-gibberish to you, this section will help. Want to know why brace heights matter? What about axle-to-axle lengths or weights? Is more always better? Is less sometimes more? What does it all mean? Not to despair, we have this covered. By the end of this chapter you'll be jawing modern archery jargon like an old pro. Better still, you'll know which specifications are critical and which are just for showing off. You're going to love this section ... READ MORE

If you're shopping for a new compound bow with the infantile notion that one manufacturer is vastly superior or inferior to another, unthink those foolish thoughts right now. Among the major bow brands, there is more parity than you might think. What separates one maker from another is usually a combination of styling choices, technology licensing, sales channel choices, pricing structures, dealer programs and marketing strategies. The fan-boy idea that one brand inherently 'sucks' and another 'rocks' turns out to be childishly inaccurate ... READ MORE

New compound bows tend to start around $299 and top out just over $1,000. How much should you spend? Is purchasing a bow as simple as "getting what you pay for?" We take a stark look at how compound bows are priced and classified in the market. You may be surprised by the whimsical ways bow manufacturers set their price points - and how easily consumers can be talked into buying some "premium" features and attributes which make little or no difference in the field ... READ MORE

How can one bow be capable of 350 fps, while another only shoots 310 fps? Does one bow have more special sauce? Is there a secret for increased awesomeness that only a few know about? In this section we dive into cam technology and the trade-off between ergonomics and energy storage. If you want a bow that's buttery smooth and easy to draw while still being rocketship fast, we'll tell you exactly what you need to know. After all, with modern cam technology, the force is with you ... READ MORE

Does a product have problems or technical issues? Are other customers unhappy about something? Smart compound bow buyers want the real 411 before they shell out the dough. Many shoppers even check Google for that kind of info, searching terms like "abc gizmo problems" or "xyz product complaints"). Nobody wants to be the unlucky recipient of a troublesome product or service - we understand. When customers aren't happy - nobody's happy.  In this section we'll take you behind the scenes and tell you about the common problems, pitfalls and dramas that go on in the archery pro-shop ... READ MORE

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