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Tel. +358 45 208 6292   ·    Monday thru Saturday

European Shop Location & Warehouse:
Hunter's Friend Europe Oy
Tervassalontie 234
71310 Vehmersalmi, Finland
Mon–Sat 10.00 - 17.00 (CET +1 hour)
by appointment (tel 358 45 208 6292)
USA Home Office:
Hunter's Friend LLC (USA)
340 Low Gap Fork
Oil Springs, KY  41238
Mon-Sat 8.00 - 7.00  (EST)
877-410-7811 / 606-297-1011  
Contact List in USA

Hunter's Friend LLC was established in 1999 in Kentucky, USA and quickly grew into one of America's largest stand-alone Archery Pro-shops.  Hunter's Friend serves bowhunters and archery enthusiasts in every state in the U.S., and in most countries around the world - particularly in Europe.

Hunter's Friend Europe, Oy:  As the European archery market has grown, so have the difficulties of providing quick and superior service across an ocean.  So in 2010, we decided to take on the challenge to dramatically improve our European service by opening a shop and warehouse inside Europe.  After months of hard work, we proudly present Hunter's Friend Europe, Oy and www.huntersfriend.eu.   
Better Service to Europe:  For our valued European customers, this means no more long waits for transatlantic shipping, fewer customs delays, and better repair and warranty support.  And best of all, you get the same great products and competitive pricing that you've come to expect from Hunter's Friend.  Only now ... much closer to home. 

Based in Finland:  Hunter's Friend Europe Oy is based in Finland, and operates as a fully licensed franchise of Hunter's Friend LLC USA.  Under the direction of experienced bowyer Mr. Dana Worster, Jr., we are supremely confident that Hunter's Friend Europe will exceed your expectations.  We look forward to the opportunity to serve you from our new, more convenient, location.

Fair Pricing:  Archery consumers shouldn't have to choose between getting good service and getting a fair price.  Nor should Europeans have to go all the way across the ocean just to get a better deal.  It's our belief that bowhunters and archery enthusiasts shouldn't have to choose one or the other.  You should be able to get good technical service and a fair price. That is our goal.

Ready-to-Hunt Packages: We've worked hard to bridge the gap between the local and mail-order concepts.  We don't sell bows like most internet and mail-order archery suppliers.  Less than 5% of the bows we sell via our web pages are "bare bows".  The other 95% are "Ready-to-Hunt" bows which we first setup and service in our pro-shop.  Hunter's Friend USA has outfitted thousands of bowhunters in Europe via the Ready-to-Hunt program from America, and now Hunter's Friend Europe is ready to do it even better from inside the EU.

Visit Our New Webstore:  We invite you to take a moment to browse our new website.  We have many bows and archery accessories already in-stock, and technicians standing by for immediate professional setup and prompt delivery to Europe.  We have an excellent network of wholesale distributors that are able to provide us with a vast array of products that may not be on our webshop. We will always continue to expand our selection, but if you need something you don't see on the site yet ... please contact us.  There is a good chance Hunter's Friend Europe can get it for you at a reasonable price.

Multi-Language Support:  Hunter's Friend Europe is currently presented in English.  However, several new languages will be added to the website over the next 12-24 months.  Phone support is currently provided in native English, Finnish, and Swedish.  Email support is provided in English, Finnish, Swedish, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish. 

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